Small Business Pride Program changes the way we approach Pride by empowering communities and other  participants through the creation of a program that supports local grassroots participation. We seek to provide support and education that fosters Pride, equity, and inclusion 365 days a year. The cornerstone of the program is a comprehensive website supported by a marketing campaign, promotions and events. On this site you will find downloadable, customizable promotional materials, educational resources for small businesses and a the option to sign up and receive a small business pride tool kit full of products, promotions and giveaways.

Program Goals:

  • Drive business to and support economic development in main street districts in the Pittsburgh region at a grass roots level during pride month
  • Provide tools and resources to small businesses, community partners and business districts for easy and affordable implementation of Pride activities and events
  • Provide a branded, consistent images, marketing and messaging around Small Business Pride
  • Support LGBTQ+ business and allies gain visibility and support
  • Provide tools and resources to educate business owners and the general community about LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming business practices, LGBTQ+ consumer and business needs, and history of Pride and LGBTQ communities.
  • Secure information from LGBTQ+ owned businesses about their needs and challenges for future programming.
  • Provide direct financial and marketing support to LGBTQ+ small businesses
  • Engage community partners in the Pride movement to support small businesses.
  • Provide a year-round platform for sharing LGBTQ+ business profiles, educational opportunities, events and resources that support small business success.



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