Become a Community Partner!

Join us as a community to support Small Business Pride. Community champions organize your community in supporting small businesses and the LGBTQ+ community. Community partners such as other chambers of commerce, business districts, and community organizations will agree to be the “ community host’ and coordinate and implement an on the ground event or opportunity for their community to participate in Pride and to drive business to their local chopping districts. We suggest promotions, giveaways, sales, and a Small Business Pride Day in your shopping district or event.  Community partners will receive Small Business Pride Tool kits for their main street small businesses to use as well as promotional materials for their community. A tool kit for participating businesses will include a pride flag, poster, window cling, shopping bags, counter table tents, pens, and pride décor.  Community partners will have access to downloadable and customizable marketing materials such as Instagram posts, press releases, social media materials and other educational resources.

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